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Locking Sliding Doors

Sliding Door Lock Options

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Privacy and Security with Sliding Door Locks. (Photo Credits)

Sliding doors usually are great sace savers for most homes. No space should be allotted for opening and closing doors. Space is maximized.

There are a lot of ways to ensure security and privacy when using sliding doors in the home. There is the built in locks, and there are some that a homeowner can just simply install.

Real Sliding Hardware for instance featured this Teardrop lock for sliding doors.

"Our Teardrop privacy lock for sliding barn doors is designed for interior applications where privacy is desired. Especially suited for bedrooms or bathrooms, it can be unlocked in an emergency with a credit card. Mounted to the door or the jamb, our privacy lock will fit most applications"

Check out the photos here.

Pin Locks

A homeowner also has the option of using pin locks on sliding doors to reinforce the built-in locks of the sliding door. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Buzz shared this tip.

"According to a post by Naples Daily News, installing a pin lock is the best way to secure your sliding patio door. It is also the recommended approach to securing sliding doors made by the National Crime Prevention Council and other crime prevention authorities. A pin lock works by preventing the door from being lifted off its track, as well as preventing it from sliding open. These locks can be affordably purchased at any local hardware store and are easily installed using a drill and a screwdriver. You can do the installation yourself or hire a trusted handyman, taking special care with the drilling step."

Check out the whole article here.

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The same website also shared an emergency fix for a broken built in sliding door lock – at least before the locksmith arrives to permanently solve the problem.

"A broken sliding glass door lock may sound complicated to fix, but all you really need is a replacement lock and 10 minutes of time to fix it. "

Read the guide here.

What have you done to reinforce your sliding glass door locks?

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