Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Beauty of Windmills

Great Looking Windmills

Lytham Windmill

Windmills and scenery. (Photo Credits)

Talk about breath taking scenery. Windmills are known to help harness wind energy, but apart from that, it actually helps improve the scenery in the community that it belongs to. Basically, it transforms ordinary into extraordinary.

For instance in a city in The Netherlands, remains picturesque with functional traditional windmills being an icon in their place. CNN says these windmills are basically a part of living history. Electricians 

“The Zaan region is among the oldest industrial areas in the world and in its heyday of the 17th and 18th centuries it was home to around 600 active windmills. At the Zaanse Schans, among its wooden barns, houses and museums, just 10 windmills are still in operation, grinding oil, spices and colorings.”

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Modern Windmills

Builders and Contractors In the Philippines, modern windmills have been part of a tourist attraction as featured over at the website, When in Manila. “But, as my eyes were getting droopy and half of my face was glued to the window, I saw fields of Cogongrass as far as my eyes stretched.  From afar, the windmills had looked majestic, but the dreamy vibe of the scenic ride towards it was just as delightful. Imagine cascading fields of fluffy white grass against a backdrop of Laguna de Bay. The view was straight out of a postcard. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Check out the windmills here.

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But how about water-pumping windmills? Off Grid Quest sheds light on this type of windmill on one of its posts.

“Windmills have been around since the Middle Ages. The first recorded evidence of windmills being used for pumping water and grinding grain was in 7 AD in Persia. Then China got ahold of the idea and it spread to Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean. The European mill appears to have developed independently from the others because the design is so different. The predecessor to our modern windmill dates back to France in 1105 and England in 1180. In the 14th century, the Dutch took windmills to a whole new level with their “tower” mills using canvas sails stretched across four wooden lattice frames like a big X. Their objective was moving enormous amounts of water into higher basins and canals.”

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So what do you think about windmills?

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